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Windows 7 vs. Linux, Microsoft Trashes Open Source OS

The advent of the next iteration of the Windows client represents yet another opportunity for operating system measuring contest, and the Redmond-based company is not the one to back down from a comparison that would push its product to the foreground. In fact, the software giant has put together its own Windows 7 vs. Linux comparison and is offering it to retailers in a “Linux vs. Windows 7” module as part of the Microsoft ExpertZone training…..

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Microsoft rivals to purchase 22 patents to Defend Linux

A group of Linux proponents will purchase patents formerly held by Microsoft in an effort to defend distributors of the open-source OS against the ongoing threat of patent litigation from the software giant…..

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Zenwalk Linux 6.2 Bawa Banyak Pembaruan

Telah di Rilis Zenwalk 6.2, nyaris semua paket telah ditingkatkan termasuk sistem basis yang mendapatkan modifikasi seperti EXT4 dan Kernel Linux Perpindahan menggunakan sistem pemadatan (kompresi) LZMA untuk paket-paket, telah memangkas ukuran ISO menjadi 490 MB dan memungkinkan penyertaan lebih banyak paket aplikasi dan drivers”, demikian disebutkan siaran pers rilis Zenwalk 6.2 hari ini…..

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final release ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is in 29 october 2009!

The Ubuntu development team unleashed the fifth alpha version of the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) operating system, due for release in late October this year. As usual, we’ve downloaded a copy of it in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in the Ubuntu 9.10 development.

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Needs 1,220 Minutes to upgrade to Windows 7

According to Microsoft, the maximum amount of time that a Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to Windows 7 upgrade can take is 1,220 minutes. Yes, Microsoft has identified a scenario in which moving from Vista SP1 to Windows 7 lasts almost an entire day, over 20 hours. Affected by this are what the Redmond-based company referred to as Super Users running Mid Range Hardware.

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Google-Sony deal signals new front in browser war

A year after Google debuted Chrome with a bang, the browser may have failed to meet expectations. But recent moves by the search giant signal a new campaign in the war against rivals, analysts said today….

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Long-life battery maker targets more laptop brands, but not netbooks

by Eric Lai

Boston-Power Inc. is ramping up the distribution of its long-life batteries for laptop computers as its CEO remains coy about when — or if — they will ever become available on most notebook systems.

The Westborough, Mass.-based startup makes Lithium-Ion batteries rated for 1,000 charge-discharge cycles, meaning it can hold most of its capacity for at least three years. Conventional Lithium-Ion batteries are rated at 300 cycles and start degrading after the first year of use.

Boston-Power’s laptop batteries also recharge faster, expend less heat, and are safer than mainstream batteries, says CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud.

The company, which is backed by $125 million in venture capital funds, currently has an exclusive deal to supply its long-life batteries to Hewlett-Packard Co.

HP began offering Boston Power’s batteries for a trio of its business laptops and a wider variety of consumer models this spring . HP packages the batteries under the Enviro moniker, which the company said which highlights their “green” credentials.

HP is now selling the Enviro as a replacement battery . The product is available on the HP site.

HP charges $150 to $170 for an Enviro battery, which Lampe-Onnerud said is $20 to $40 more than equivalent 6-cell batteries (the Enviros are currently discounted by 25% as part of HP’s Labor Day Sale).

HP recently began letting enterprise and consumer buyers configure notebooks online with Enviro batteries, said Lampe-Onnerud. HP will soon begin shipping notebooks into its distribution channels with an Enviro battery instead of a conventional one, she added.

Both moves should boost shipments of the Enviro, Lampe-Onnerud said. However, she declined to disclose sales figures for the battery.

Lampe-Onnerud also said that the company expects to eventually sign deals with other PC vendors. “We had to choose a champion — and that is HP,” she said. “But I’m sure you’ll see the batteries come through other brands.”

By year’s end, Boston Power plans to start selling its batteries into vertical markets such as healthcare, military and homeland security for a variety of potential applications, such as medical carts in hospitals and electronic military gear, said Lampe-Onnerud.

Boston Power is also targeting the electric and hybrid car market, though those efforts hit a speed bump last month when the company lost a bid for a huge Department of Energy grant to retrofit a Boston area factory to build car batteries based on its technology.

Lampe-Onnerud said the company has little interest in supplying batteries for netbook systems — whose long runtimes — sometimes eight hours or more — have been touted as one of their chief advantages over conventional laptops.

But their low price and high portability makes users more likely to dispose of damaged netbooks rather than fix them — rendering a long-life battery moot. “I’m ok with staying at the high-end and high-performance segments,” she said.

Boston Power remains a small player in a multi-billion dollar battery market, which has long been dominated by Japanese and South Korean electronics firms like Sony and Samsung.

Those firms, whose reputations have been periodically damaged by reports of exploding batteries and subsequent recalls, are also working to upgrade their technology.

Last month, Sony announced a new lithium-ion battery using olivine-type lithium iron phosphate that Sony claims would be able to last 2,000 charge-discharge cycles, or about six years.

Lampe-Onnerud is unworried by that report, or another that Nokia plans to introduce its Booklet 3G netbook with a 16-cell battery that would keep it running for 12 hours on a single charge.

“With 16-cells, you are begging for [technical] problems,” she said. By contrast, Boston Power can provide “the same amount of watt-hours in a 3-cell battery,” she added.

The company already has the technology to deliver ultra-large-capacity batteries that could deliver all-day runtime using fewer cells than rival, she said.

That coming era of all-day battery life will inspire notebook and portable electronics makers to design a plethora of new devices, she said.

“We are on the verge of an electronics revolution, such that portable power is going to become a key differentiator,” Lampe-Onnerud said.

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Slackware 13.0 Sokong 64bit Langsung Dari Pabrik

Delapan bulan setelah versi 12.2, hari ini Patrick Volkerding mengumumkan tersedianya distribusi Linux tertua yang masih tegar sampai hari ini, yaitu versi Slackware 13.0. Edisi generasi ke 13 ini membawa banyak perubahan yang menurut pengembangnya merupakan hasil dari proses pengembangan yang intensif……

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Mengenal Distro Linux Lokal Part 2 (Mengenal lebih jauh agar tidak diklaim)

Setelah posting beberapa distro lokal yang sudah saya kenal (paling tidak pernah dengar), saya menemukan kenyataan bahwa rupanya distro lokal berjumlah puluhan, namun sayangnya banyak yang tidak di maintain (penyakit orang indonesia kali yah, susah menjaga “mutu” hehehe). Nah, sama dengan pemerintah yang sibuk mengkatalogkan karya bangsa biar engga di colong lagi sama malingsia, saya pun tidak mau kalah! hehehe. berikut Distro yang (luput) saya “index”……

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Office 2010 Build 14.0.4417.1000 (BETA) Leaked and Available for Download

A new development milestone of the next iteration of the Office System has been leaked and made available for download in the wild. Microsoft is currently making its way to the first Beta of office 2011, a release slated to be available to all users as a public testing build.

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