Laptop Warrior: solusi memperpanjang baterai laptop

September 23, 2009 at 11:03 2 comments


Pernah dengar Laptop warrior belom? saya juga baru tau nich. ini ada iklan popup pas saya lagi browsing di situs gadgets. menarik banget nich gadget. dirinya mengklaim mampu membuat laptop 30% lebih lama baterainya. wah menarik nich.lalu Laptop Warior sendiri itu apa sich? dan laptop apa saja nich yang support gadget ini? nich penjelasannya:

What is Laptop Warrior?

Laptop Warrior is a software application that replaces and outperforms your operating system’s default power-management utility and increases your up-time by as much as 30%! If your battery usually lasts for only three hours, for example, then Laptop Warrior may boost this to almost four hours!

What OS platforms does it support?

We support Windows XP(SP2 and later) and Windows Vista OS platforms

How is Laptop Warrior Delivered?

Laptop Warrior is delivered on a USB memory stick for convenience and ease of installation. Simply plug Laptop Warrior into a USB port before you start up your systems, and its innovative auto-running software immediately leaps into action when you boot your laptop, constantly analyzing your system and dynamically optimizing it to maximize your battery life between charging cycles.

What is Google Checkout?

Google Checkout is a credit card processing system that accepts all major credit card.

What are the benefits of using Google Checkout?

Google’s fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized purchases. Google Checkout  don’t share your purchase history or full card number with sellers, offering you a convenience safe and fast way to shop on-line.

How do I install Laptop Warrior on my system?

Check the Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP(Service Pack X) or

Windows Vista (Service Pack X)


  • Simply plug the Laptop WarriorTM into the USB port on your laptop when you switch to battery mode
  • Laptop Warrior will automatically be recognized and a small pop-up window will appear
  • Select Optimize Laptop Battery
  • Click OK
  • The User’s License Agreement window will appear (only on initial use)
  • Select “I Agree”
  • A small pop-up screen will appear indicating “Laptop Optimized!”
  • Click OK
  • Laptop Warrior will continue to run, maximizing your laptop’s battery, until you shut down (Laptop Warrior will need to be plugged-in every time you restart your laptop)

Disconnecting Laptop Warrior

  • You may unplug Laptop Warrior anytime after installation.  The device does not need to remain plugged-in to maximize your battery’s performance.
be'te' khan kalow butuh laptop tapi baterai sudah ngedrops

be'te' khan kalow butuh laptop tapi baterai sudah ngedrops

Untuk Harganya sendiri adalah $39.95 (tau dech masuk indonesia berapa). Lumayan murah lah untuk sebuah USB gadget… tapi sayang yah enggak support linux dan Mac OSX (kalow win7 mungkin nanti akan support pada akhirnya) apakah power management linux dan Mac OSX sudah lebih baik?…. mmmmm….

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. neng oCHa  |  September 23, 2009 at 21:56

    semoga bisa cepat masuk ke Indonesia dengan harga yang gak jauh beda 😀

  • 2. gadgetboi  |  September 24, 2009 at 06:00

    iya saya juga berharap semoga ada importir yang “ngeh”. hehe. dan semoga harganya 400rb-an lah jangan jadi sejuta! ini khan bukan mobil Ferrari. jadi ya jangan gede-gede bea cukainya :-p

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