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Engga terasa saya sudah menggunakan Lappie ini selama dua tahun. dan selama ini alhamdullilah engga ada masalah semenjak di beli. laptop saya ini pemberian ORTU sih, untuk menunjang aktifitas saya katanya. sebenarnya baru satu tahun ini saya katif menggunakannya. sebenarnya saya memang engga terlalu techie dan paham bener masalah hardware maupun software. cukup yang penting-penting aja saya tahunya. namun setelah berkelana dan blog-walking selama ini saya melihat orang-orang yang concern dan sayang sama laptopnya. mereka penuh passion dan juga berkeinginan untuk mengoptimalkan laptop mereka. Saya pun terpacu untuk lebih concern sama barang saya ini. dan baru tahu kalow laptop saya ini belom diinstall synaptic touchpad-nya tahun kemaren!! hahaha. bego banget ya saya.

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installing ubuntu 9.04 in my acer aspire 5583 laptop PART 1

si Jaunty
si Jaunty

I got copy of ubuntu 9.04 from shipit which i knew couple month ago from my friend. I think its cool Ubuntu giving free cds since internet connection in our country are not as fast as in japan or korea (Still wishing though :.( ) . I wish all linux could give a free cd, becaouse i really want to test opensuse in my laptop. because i think these two are one of my top 5 linux i wanted to try on my lappie. maybe nextime.

Anyway, I have prepared about 20GB free and ready to use (already parted for linux via partition magic 8) and I intended to use as dual boot with my xp. so the installation are quite easy and fast comparing xp or slackware. all you need is to boot your cd. so, config first in bios and set cd rom as your first boot and you ready to go. the ubuntu screen list will apear and all you need is to select install and ente. I didn’t use the “live cd” because i really want to feel this brand new ubuntu that most of the reviewer on the net compare the beauty of this OS with OSX mac and also windows seven. and I don’t use installed in windows also even this is alot easier for newbies to try and experience the Ubuntu just like a program and when you bore, you could just uninstalled it!.

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