install linux on my xp via virtualbox

May 28, 2009 at 15:40 1 comment

Actually I know linux since I start active using computer. but it neven cross my mind to use it in dual boot or as a default operating system. I knew my friend that forst introduce me to linux. he tried slakware in early 2000 and this linux successfully wippped all his data. hehehe. at that time he didin’t know how to dualboot and “at that era” entering GUI is as hard as hell!. Thats what my friend said. we’re like back to DOS era where we have to remember and learn (again!) all those command line mumbo jumbos.

In couple years back then, I heard a news that linux are become more friendly and easy to use (And at that time Ubuntu polularity are grown),  but still it not convince me yet to use ubuntu (as all people said it was the easiest linux ever) even I got a copy of Ubuntu 7.04 (festy frawn is it?) from PC magazine that I bought. This happen till ubuntu 8.10 (intelped ibex … i think), which also got it from pc magazine bonus. At this point, I said to my self  “why I wasting these cds?” , so I had a chat with couple of my friend that use linux and they said that I should give it a try. Yea, but I don’t want to loose my data … so, after reading alot of IT and PC magazine, I found this program where i can treat OS as “just” an ordinary program and did’nt have to worried about loosing data and stuff. I download it and I install the virtual box into my xp machine. just choose an OS to be use as a guest host, add the cd installer and you ready to go. wait couple minutes (not as long as installing windows though) and i just see a linux in my xp machine. this is awsome. even though that in virtualbox i could use my max laptop resolution (don’t know how, still searching on google) but still this is the most awsome experience because all in my entire life using computer, i NEVER  had a chance using other OS than windows. since i’m in virtual environment, actually you don’t need cd as the installer. you could also use the iso file from downloading the linux. I use iso for the second virtual OS that i installed. i just download the small linux (damn small linux) iso’s and use it directly on my virtualbox.

Couple things you need to prepare for installing virtualbox:

1. make sure that you have extra GBs for linux. even though linux don’t use alot resource like windows, but for you own sake, give 8GB for your guest OS.

2. Have minimum 1GB of RAm in your computer,  because Virtualbox will took your RAM for the Guest OS.

3. never to worried if your system partition are full because you could install the virtual OS disk in other partition.

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